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Project Description
C# DLL for handling password input that is not susceptible to keylogging through a Garbage Pump technique, which pumps random keys, i.e. garbage, out while the user enters in a password. See screenshots for output results.

  1. Provide a read-only password input for user input
  2. Create a new thread that generates keys noise/garbage in the background so that keyloggers pick up junk with the actual password characters scattered throughout it
  3. Keep track of all the input that comes through the read-only password input
  4. Keep track of all the randomly generated characters
  5. Once user has finished entering in the password, analyze the two buffers to get the real password

**Demo Results**



**VS2010 Solution**

- Contains two projects:

--GPLib (library)
--GPGui (demo)

GPGui comes with a keyboard monitoring library from for testing.

**Status is still experimental, looking for developers and testers to help project become usable in projects where passwords are necessary.**

- Has been tested on U.S. Standard Keyboard only

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