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Building VS2010

- Open the solution in VS2010
- Build the GPLib first
- Build the Demo
- Run the Demo

Build <VS2010

- Open the GarbagePump.sln
-- Change: Format Version 11.00 to your version
-- Change: # Visual Studio 2010 to your version
-- Save changes
- Follow directions for Building VS2010

I'll add a separate 2008 SLN file some time.

.NET Framework

- By default, it uses 4.0. It doesn't use anything that depends on 4.0 so you can change the target framework to <4.0.


Use the GPGui project as a guide as it contains everything and is small and easy to read. The only thing not mentioned is how to add your own subset of keys.

By default, all of your keys are used through GPLib's KeyboardLayout class. You can enter in your own by creating a char[] array with the chars you want and then passing them in.

It is VERY important that you NOT mix unmodified keys and modified keys. For example, if you want to use this:

    char[] myRandomSubset = new [] { 'a', 'B', 'c' }; //ERROR: uppercase B 

Then you will get garbage back.

    char[] myRandomSubset = new [] { 'a', 'b', 'c' }; //OK: all unmodified

    //create the GpForm
    GpForm gpumpform = new GpForm( GpStringCallback, myRandomSubset );

    //Do not use ShowDialog so that you can track OnLeave/OnDeactivate events
    gpumpform.Show( this ); 

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